Flashes and Floaters

  • Floaters

    Floaters are spots or blob like shadows that appear in your vision, they are more noticeable when looking at white walls or plain light colour surfaces.  Floaters are the result of particles and impurities in the gel like substance (Vitreous Humour) in the back of the eye and when trying to look at them in your vision they move and dart away.  They are usually harmless and most people will experience floaters at some point during their life.  If there are any sudden changes to the appearances of floaters you should seek to see an optometrist ASAP.

    As we get older floaters become more common and some people experience what's called a Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD).  This occurs when the Vitreous fluid detaches from the Retina, the light-sensing nerve layer on the back of the eye and often can include flashing of lights and larger floaters.

    A floater can indicate eye disease or other health conditions so should be checked by your optometrist.


  • Flashes

    Flashes of lights can look like shooting stars, lightning streaks or like brief flashes of light, like a camera flash in your vision.  They are from inside your body and not a light source from outside it.  There can be many reasons why a person experiences flashes in their vision, ie Migraine, a Posterior Vitreous Detachment or worse a Retinal Detachment.  

    A sudden onset of flashes of light should always be checked by your optometrist to determine the cause.  A Retinal Detachment or Tear is a very serious condition that must be treated immediately to prevent permanent loss of sight.  If outside of hours seek after hours medical attention.

    Signs to look for are the 4 F's



    Field of View -falling curtain (a sense of a shadow encroaching in to the vision of the eye)

    Fall in vision

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